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Guest Communication

Renting a property requires constant customer service.

     Realm Revelation utilizes a blend of automated messaging and personal communication, to create a seamless customer service experience. Whether your renters have a question about the dates, payments, property, or area, Realm manages all of the communication for you. Your job as the owner is to sit back, relax, and collect your check. We’ll reach out if there’s anything important to share!


  • Realm Revelation responds to all customer inquiries generated by phone, email, and website contacts on behalf of the property owner.
  • We answer questions about the property.
  • And provide information about the area.

Pre Check-In

  • Automated messaging handles simple customer responses.
  • Personalized contact is made the day before checkin to share area info, and checkin procedures.

Post Check-In

  • Realm Revelation checks in with the guest the following their first night.
  • Additional cleanings & special requests are offered.
  • We remain available for customer questions or "lock out" scenarios.

Post Check-Out

  • Following the stay, Realm engages the renter in a satisfaction review process.
  • A physical walk through of the property is conducted.
  • Household items are inventoried & replenished as needed.
  • A care and maintenance review is conducted.
  • Any maintenance items are scheduled.
  • Property is thoroughly cleaned & made ready for the next visitor.

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