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Realm Revelation knows how to market properties so they rent, all year long.

     Visibility is everything, and if people cannot find your property when they are looking for a place to stay, then they won’t be able to rent it! As a seasoned superhost, I know how to merchandise and market your property so that it gets seen, and rented on a regular basis. Next to managing your pricing, marketing of your property is the next most important step!


  • Realm Revelation will manage the description of your property so that it accurately reflects and advertises the experience provided.
  • When browsing listing after listing, things get boring. Well written listings that show personality tend to rent better than those that read bland.


  • No one wants to rent a dorm room when they expect a luxury apartment - which makes your photography critically important to renting.
  • Photos of your property should convey comfort and cleanliness, among other things.
  • Your photos support the price you are asking, and we'll help ensure all factors align to create a happy rental experience.


  • Remember during the pandemic when Air B&B shut down their rental services? Our solution for you ensures that this won't happen again.
  • Properties at Realm Revelation are rented through Realm Revelation.
  • After we stage, photo, and merchandise your property your listing will be syndicated to our website, Air B&B,, Expedia, and VRBO to ensure your property is searchable, findable, and rentable.


  • A property that isn't being rented, is losing money for both the owner and the Superhost.
  • Realm Revelation advertises properties as needed to generate regular visibility and rentals that keep property owners happy.


  • People who rent through Air B&B know they can expect a great stay from a Superhost.
  • According to Airbnb, Superhosts have higher occupancy rates, receive better reviews, and make more money - which means you make more money by hiring a Superhost!

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